How to assign training to staff in FM23

You don't need to do everything.

Image via Sports Interactive

Football Manager 2023 is the best soccer management simulator for people who seek the full experience of managing a club. The game allows players to sign and sell players, hire and fire staff, command practice, handle press conferences, and, of course, instruct their team during matches.

Although lots of FM23 players enjoy running every function they can, doing everything can be time-consuming for others. This is why FM23 lets players give certain responsibilities to the staff and only perform the tasks they want to.

If you’re new to the FM series, you might not know how to use your staff the way you want to. If you want your staff to take care of your players’ training, here’s how to do it.

How to assign training to your staff in Football Manager 2023

To take control of the training or give that job to one person on your staff, all you need to do is head to Staff (located on the left of the screen), then press or click on Responsibilities and select Training out of all the options there.

Screengrab by Leonardo Biazzi via Sports Interactive

After you do that, you’ll see who is leading the general training of your club and who is handling the individual training. The general training involves day-to-day practice, such as training defense/attack and preparing for matches, while the individual is where you can put players to train on a determined position and assign one attribute for them to focus on during practice.

Screengrab by Leonardo Biazzi via Sports Interactive

From that screen onwards, all you have to do is delegate the training to your staff how you want to. The game will let you give these tasks to your assistant manager, coaches, goalkeeping coach, fitness coach, and head of youth development.

We advise you, though, to give it to the best person on your staff. Preferably, that staffer must have great Attacking, Defending, Tactical, Technical, Working with Youngsters, Determination, Level of Discipline, and Motivating stats so they can optimize your club’s training.