How to add friends in Clash Royale

There are a few methods to invite your friends.

Image via Supercell

Developed and published by Supercell, Clash Royale is a free-to-play real-time strategy video game. The game combines trading card games and tower defense to provide a sense of progression for the soldiers. Multiplayer functionality is used in Clash Royale to give it a social component.

If you want to play with friends, you should add your friends before playing with them in Clash Royale. You can’t add friends by simply knowing their number; you must know their Supercell ID or connect your Facebook account. If you have trouble with either of these methods, you can send your friend a link or QR code.

Supercell allows you to have up to 300 friends in your Supercell ID at any time, which is much more than you will need. You are only limited when adding friends through WeChat/QQ or Game Center. We recommend using your Supercell ID to add friends because the game uses it, and it is easier to keep track of.

How to invite friends in Clash Royale

You can add your friends manually in Clash Royale. You can access the Social button at the bottom of the screen by going to the main menu. The icon will have two swords crossed in front of the shield. Once a new window opens, press the Friends tab. When your friends list appears, press the Invite Friend button. Then, enter the Supercell ID of your friend and add them.

The second way is to connect your Facebook account. If you have friends on Facebook who play Clash Royale and have connected their Facebook accounts, they will automatically be added to your friends list on Clash Royale. You can connect your Facebook account by pressing the three lines at the top right of the Main Menu. A new menu will appear, and you will need to select Settings. A window will appear, and you will see Facebook as Disconnected. You can link your Facebook account to Clash Royale by pressing the Disconnected button and signing into Facebook.

This is the same process for adding friends with Apple or Google accounts. Depending on your device, you’ll see either Google Play or Apple ID next to Facebook in the same window. If you’re not connected, click Disconnected and the game will sign in and add any friends you have through those services.

How to find your Supercell ID or send a profile QR code or link to friends

You can find your Supercell ID by going to your main menu and pressing the three lines on the top right. There will be a new menu, and you must press the Supercell ID button at the bottom. You can find your Supercell ID under your profile picture. If you want your friend to add you, you must give them this name.

To make things easier, you can press the smiley face at the bottom right corner of the menu. This opens up a new menu that allows you to give your friend a QR Code or copy the link to your profile. They can then get your Supercell ID and add you to their friends list.