How does Elden Ring multiplayer work?

Co-op or invade, you decide.

Image via FromSoftware

If you’ve never played Bloodborne or Dark Souls before, getting used to Elden Ring may take longer than expected. Considering the game’s just kicked off its Closed Network Test, players will have more than enough time to grasp the ropes.

Though adventuring through the Elden Ring by yourself will be an adventure of its own, the experience is likely to get better once you’re accompanied by friends.

To play multiplayer in Elden Ring, you’ll need to create a character first. While you kick off your journey in Elden Ring, the game should alert you about the multiplayer mode. Once you see the pop-up, you can navigate to the options menu and choose one of the multiplayer modes.

Players looking to summon allies to their session will need to use an item named Furlcalling Finger Remedy. If you’d like to help out another player in their world, you can do so by using a Tarnished’s Furled Finger.

In addition to enjoying the game together, players can also choose to hunt each other down in the multiplayer game mode. With a Taunter’s Tongue, you can invite other players to invade your session and fight against them. If you’d like to invade another player’s world, however, you’ll need to use a Bloody Finger.

Invades can also heat up and if you find yourself at a dire disadvantage, you can use the White Cipher Ring to send out a cry for help. After using the item, you’ll be able to summon even more players to your world who will arrive to help you.