Going back to go forward: Battlefield 2042 bringing back class system in future season

The future is looking bright for Battlefield 2042.

Despite being set in the future, Battlefield 2042 is taking lessons from the past: DICE have confirmed the 2022 title will be adding a franchise classic in class systems when the Season 3 update arrives. 

2042 is prepping their troops to launch Season Two, but DICE’s Battlefield team is already strategically planning to change up their polarizing Specialist system.

Their goal, the DICE devs say, is to bring familiarity back to the series.

After negative feedback over Battlefield 2042 and Specialists, the developers have sought to fix the glaring issues of the previous season. In an Aug. 22 update video released by the Battlefield YouTube channel, DICE producer Alexia Christofi shared details of the upcoming seasons and changes.

“Earlier this year we put together a team to analyze the feedback received, and we’re now ready to talk about the future of Specialists and the class system,” said Christofi.

“The arrival of Specialists in Battlefield 2042 has been polarizing. We have heard you. So, in Season 3 we’ll be moving Specialists into the classic and familiar Battlefield class system.

He added: “They’ll have traits available to all Specialists within a given class, with existing open gadgets and throwables split between classes to fit their role.”

Image via EA

Fans have take to the Battlefield 2042 subreddit to share their appreciation and concerns for the new updates alike. There’s mixed opinions, but it’s at least a good sign the devs are taking player feedback on board.

Christofi expressed how important their new feedback loop is for the game’s improvement, saying “our initial thinking is this breakdown, but this is just the start of the discussion. We want to hear more from you. 

“Specialists are not being removed from Battlefield 2042,” he added, “but this evolution connecting them to the class system is one we know many of you have asked for.

“This is a significant change from us development-wise, which is why we are taking the time to get it right. And so, we’ll bring it during Season 3.” 

Image via EA

Upcoming seasons two and three are sure to answer the prayers of some BF2042 players by adding new content like maps, new experiences and modes, new content and overall changes involving gameplay. 

With any luck, there won’t be more polarizing changes to Battlefield 2042