Ex-Renegades Player “Crumbz” Launches Esports Talent Agency

Alberto claims the agency will focus on things such as "contract negotiations and individual sponsorships" for players.

Renegades’ formed League of Legends jungler Alberto “Crumbz” Rengifo announced today that he is involved in the launch of a new esports talent agency. Based on his related announcement video, the Agency for Professional Esports (APE), was founded with the help of NFL and Hollywood agents, as well as their attorneys, with an interest in the ever growing, hundred million dollar business that is esports.

 “What’s being built is an Agency for Professional Esports; APE for short,” Rengifo said. “The whole goal of APE is to provide services to the clients that range from contract negotiations, individual sponsorships, branding, and post-career management.”

The agency has a website as well, but is a bit lackluster in information apart from a “Venice, CA” address and a “[email protected]” email address.

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Headline image remix courtesy of Chris Corr/Daily Dot