Best Recon Specialist loadouts in Battlefield 2042

Equip yourself properly.

Image via DICE

The Recon class in Battlefield 2042 is vital to the success of any firefight. A capable Recon specialist can give their team the necessary info needed to make a timely push on a control point while revealing or even disabling enemy combatants.

There are three Recon specialists available to play in Battlefield 2042:Casper, Rao, and Paik (available at level 25). Here’s an ideal loadout for each one.

Casper—the Sniper

Image via EA/DICE.
  • Primary weapon: DXR-1 sniper rifle or DM7 marksman rifle
  • Secondary weapon: MP28
  • Gadget: Repair tool or Recoilless M5
  • Throwable: Smoke grenade or Prox sensor

Your primary weapon should come out to personal choice or situational need. If you want to be relatively close to the action, then the DM7 is a fine choice. If you really want to sit far away and pick off enemies from afar, then you should work towards the DXR-1 sniper rifle.

With Casper’s movement sensor trait, you’ll want the MP28 on hand to neutralize any enemies trying to sneak up on you while you’re sniping. With his drone’s EMP blast, having the M5 explosive launcher will be vital to finishing off any vehicles you disable. You can use the smoke grenades to conceal yourself or escape, while the prox sensor provides extra movement detection.

Rao—the Disabler

Image via EA/DICE.
  • Primary weapon: M5A3 assault rifle
  • Secondary weapon: G57 pistol
  • Gadget: Med crate, ammo crate, or Insertion Beacon
  • Throwable: Frag grenade or Incendiary grenade

Rao’s ability to hack enemy hardware and disable opponents’ HUD provides plenty of utility to any squad. You should consistently be hacking as much as you can, especially since getting kills on hacked enemies reveals their nearby allies.

The M5A3 is useful at almost any range, and the G57 is very reliable as far as pistols go. The med crate and the ammo crate are two useful early-level gadgets to have, but the Insertion Beacon is great for bringing in extra allies when taking or defending a point. When you reveal allies using your trait, either the frag or incendiary grenade will also come in handy.

Paik— the Infiltrator

Image via EA/DICE.
  • Primary weapon: M5A3 assault rifle or PBX-45 SMG
  • Secondary weapon: G57 pistol
  • Gadget: Med crate, armor plate, or Med pen
  • Throwable: Frag grenade or EMP grenade

Paik is your up close and personal recon type, with a scanner to discover enemies behind cover and a trait that reveals enemies that damage you. You’ll want a loadout kit that maximizes her ability to get into capture points.

The M5A3 is a great all-around assault rifle, but the PBX-45 SMG is another good option for tighter corridors and close-range fights. Since her trait is based on her receiving damage first before enemies are revealed, then a gadget that can either heal her or let her absorb more damage is a must-have.