Best bots to use on Discord

There are countless options, but here are some of the must-haves.

Image via Discord

Discord is one of the most popular ways gamers communicate and organize with one another, but sometimes the systems and settings in the application aren’t enough.

By using third-party bot programs, Discord users can enhance their experience by recording voice chats, playing music for friends, organizing large groups, and moderating channels.

While many bots have a specific purpose, some are especially well known and used by users on Discord for a variety of purposes.

Here are some of the most popularly used bots that you should consider adding to your Discord. For advice on how to add these bots to your server, check out our article on the topic.


Mee6 is one of the premier Discord bots used for moderation. With the ability to craft customized moderation settings and commands, you’ll be able to rest easy without needing to watch your server like a hawk.

Meanwhile, the bot can help you make automatic alerts from social media or Twitch streams as well as give users a way to give themselves appropriate roles within the server without needing the assistance of an admin.


Groovy is one of the more popular ways that people share music with one another in Discord. The bot uses a /play command that lets people select YouTube music videos and plays them in voice channels.

This is especially useful when you’re playing games with your friends and want to have a shared inspirational music experience. The bot lets you queue multiple items, skip songs you’re not interested in, and pause tracks when necessary.


Rythm is also a music bot that you can add to your Discord, and it has many of the same functionality of Groovy. Selecting one over the other will largely be based on personal preference. 

If your server is particularly congested on a regular basis, you may have a good reason to invite both to your server. Having both bots will allow two separate voice channels to listen to music at the same time if coordinated properly.


Raid-Helper is a third-party Discord bot used to help people schedule and organize events. This is used especially frequently to coordinate things like World of Warcraft raids, but it can also be used to do straw polls or make customized events.

While Discord servers are useful when it comes to text communication, these event posts make organizing as easy as reacting to a post that edits itself to show all of the events expected attendance, among other things.


For those who use Discord for more formal purposes, Craig is a way for you to easily record and keep conversation in voice chat. This can be especially useful if you’re a journalist or content creator conducting an interview via Discord. It can also be useful if you’re holding a meeting and want to make sure that the contents of the meeting are archived. 

The bot doesn’t need to record everything in your voice channels. It will only record if you use a specific command to have it join, and it will stop recording if you type a command to have it leave your voice channel.