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All Subnautica: Below Zero cheats and console commands

Players have tons of options to alter the game to their liking.

In Subnautica: Below Zero, the ocean is absolutely terrifying. Luckily, the game has a plethora of cheats and console commands that might make the game more playable for some.

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Whether it be spawning items, moving in ways players aren’t supposed to be able to, or turning off certain monster attacks, players can modify the game in a way that makes it easier to play through.

How to use cheats and console commands in Subnautica: Below Zero

How to open the console on PC:

  • Press shift and Enter at the same time to open up the console command.

How to open the console on Xbox:

  • Press LB+LT+RB+RT+A at the same time to open up the console command.

How to open the console on PlayStation:

  • Press Square+X+R1+L1 at the same time to open up the console command.
Tip: Nintendo Switch does not have a Command Console

Players wishing to enter cheats on the Nintendo Switch: It was disabled on the device in 2022.

List of console commands in Subnautica: Below Zero

There are a huge number of console commands that provide cheats, or ways for players to alter their game. Below is the full list of Subnautica: Below Zero cheats and commands that players can use as well as what they do.

For reference:

  • [NAME] is the variable text input.
  • [#] represents the variable number input.
  • [x] represents East & West.
  • [y] represents Altitude.
  • [z] represent North & South.

More information and examples can be found on the game’s wiki page.

All general console commands

item [NAME] [#]Adds specified amount of item into the player’s inventory.
spawn [NAME] [#]Spawns specified amount of item in front of the player.
baseflood [#]Floods all player-built sea bases.
bobthebuilderEnables fastbuild, unlockall, nocost, fastgrow, fasthatch, and adds tools to the player’s inventory.
bubblesMakes air bubbles appear around the player.
charge [#]Charges batteries.
clearinventoryClears a player’s inventory.
coldToggles the cold effect on the player.
damage [#]Sets a damage multiplier.
damagebaseCauses a breach in all sea bases.
ency [NAME]Unlocks specified database entry.
fastbuildAllows the player to build modules more quickly with the Habitat Builder.
fastgrowMakes flora grow faster.
fasthatchMakes eggs hatch faster.
fastscanMakes scanning go faster.
fastswimGives players the ability to boost their speed while holding left shift.
filterfastReduces the Water Filtration Machine time.
filtersaltInstantly makes the Water Filtration Machine produce Salt.
filterwaterInstantly makes the Water Filtration Machine produce Large Filtered Water.
flyAllows player to continuously jump while in the air.
freedomChanges game mode to Freedom.
creativeChanges game mode to Creative.
survivalChanges game mode to Survival.
hardcoreChanges game mode to Hardcore.
freezeFreezes all small fish.
freezeplayerFreezes the player.
goal [NAME] [NAME]Triggers the desired story goal: PDA, Radio, Encyclopedia, or Story.
goalreset [NAME]Unchecks specified story goal.
hoverbickvariant1Changes Snowfoxes to give infinite boost and jump height. Also has no maximum speed.
hoverbikevariant2Changes all spawned Snowfoxes to just have infinite boost and jump height.
hypnosis on/offTurns Lily Paddler’s hypnosis effect on or off.
icewormhuntmode on/offTurns on or off the Iceworm’s hunt mode.
instagibPlayers can one-shot killable creatures.
invisibleCreatures will ignore the player as if they were invisible.
killRespawns the player in the drop pod.
noblueprintsUnlocks all blueprints
nobubblesDisables the player’s breathing bubble animation.
nocostAllows players to use machines and fabricators whether they have the items or not.
nodamageTurns off damage.
noenergyToggles power usage for all tools, vehicles, and sea bases.
nohintsToggles game hints.
nopressureToggles the pressure effect on sea bases and vehicles.
nosurvivalDisables the players’ food and water requirements.
ongoal [NAME]Completes the specified story goal.
oxygenGives the player unlimited oxygen.
resetmotormodeForces the player into swim mode while in an underwater Architect Base.
resourcesfor [NAME]Provides the resources for specified craftable item.
rotfoodMakes all the food in the player’s inventory rotten.
schoolfishrepulsedbyplayerMakes schools of fish flee from the player.
seaglideSpawns and unpowered Seaglide.
shotgunAllows players to kill enemies by right clicking on them.
startexchangerquestGives the player a Repair Tool and two Thermoses.
story [NAME]Advances the story. Check the wiki for parameters.
story help [NAME]Shows the help description for a story.
supplydrop [NAME]Initiates the specified drop. Check the wiki for parameters.
supplydropallShows the list of supply drops.
takedamage [#]Damages the player by specified percentage.
unfreezeUnfreezes all fish.
unfreezeplayerUnfreezes the player.
unlock [NAME]Unlocks specified blueprint.
unlockallUnlocks all of the blueprints in the game.
unlockallbuildablesUnlocks all blueprints used by the Habitat Builder.
unlockdoorsUnlocks Architect Base forcefields.

All item commands

eggsGives the player all creature eggs in the game.
exosuitarmsGives the player all Prawn Suit arms.
exosuitupgradesGives the player all Prawn Suit upgrades.
hatchingtimeGives the player a variety of loot.
nicelootGives the player a variety of loot.
precursorkeysGives the player each color precursor key.
seatruckupgradesGives the player every Seatruck upgrade.
spawnlootSpawns a variety of loot.
toolsGives the player tools.
vehicleupgradesGives the player all vehicle upgrades.
item jukeboxdisksallDrops a disc that unlocks all of the Jukebox tracks.

All weather and time commands

daySets time to day.
nightSets time to night.
accelweather [#]Accelerates a future weather event.
daynight [#]Sets the time of day.
daynightspeed [#]Sets the day/night cycle slower/faster.
forcenextweatherAdvances current weather to the next event.
lightningToggles lightning.
precipitationToggles rain.
resetweatherRe-rolls all the weather in the game for the next 24 hours.
skiptime [#]Skips a number of seconds.
weatherToggles weather on/off.
weatherevent [NAME]Sets the weather to specified name.
windToggles wind.

All technical commands

cambobToggles camera bobbing.
camerabobbingToggles camera bobbing.
camshakeEnables camera shake.
collectEnacts a garbage collection script.
debughoverbikeEnables Snowfox debug menu. Only available when on a Snowfox.
debugmusicShows music that is currently playing if any is playing.
debugstartmapPuts 1000 black cubes around the starting area.
entresetResets all loaded entities.
farplane [#]Increases or decreases viewing distance from the defaulted, 1000.
fogEnables in-game fog.
fpsDisplays FPS.
freecamAllows you to enter spectate mode. You can fly through objects and roam over land. Toggle again to return to your character.
gameresetResets the terrain.
ghostAllows you to enter spectator mode with a ghost-like figure of your character.
icewormMakes all iceworms return to ground.
interpolateToggles interpolation of player movement.
killvehicleMakes all Seartruck vehicles with their modules, explode.
limitshadow [#]Reduces shadows to a certain radius around the player.
listambienceLists all ambiences found in the game with the biome they are associated with.
nobloomGets rid of bloom. A restart is needed for this to apply.
noshadowsGets rid of shadows. A restart is needed for this to apply.
pcannonGives items that can be picked up by the propulsion cannon a blue glow.
printbiomeDisplays biome players are currently in.
resetachievementsResets all achievements.
ribEnables background running for the game.
scene [NAME]Loads scenes based on the NAME parameter.
dbcEnables creature debugger.
debugcreaturesEnables creature debugger.
sizerefSpawns in a model of Robin Ayou.
skiptrackSkips current in game music and goes to another one.
spikeytraphuntPuts all Spike Traps in hunting mode.
spikeytraprestPuts all Spike Traps in sleeping mode.
targetTurns on target debug.
targetframerate [#]Sets the maximum framerate.
techtype [NAME]Prints the techtype for a given name.
vranimTurns on VR animations.
vsyncTurns on Vsync.
weatherguiTurns on the weather debug GUI.

All teleport commands

biome [NAME]Teleports player to specified biome.
goto [NAME]Teleports player to specified location.
warp [x] [y] [z]Warps player to specified coordinates.
batch [x] [y] [z]Warps player to center of specified batch.
chunk [x] [y] [z]Warps player to specified chunk.
gotofast [NAME]Warps player to specified location instantly.
gotospamWarps player between two locations until gotostop is used.
gotostopStops gotospam.
spawnnearbyTeleports player to random location a short distance away.
warpforward [#]Warps player forward specified meters.

These commands can get you out of sticky situations, or simply turn off an annoying track. Whatever you use them for, they are all listed here to make your gameplay experience the best in Subnautica: Below Zero.

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