All Sadako perks in Dead by Daylight

Don't expect to walk out of a scourge hook in one piece.

Screengrab via Behaviour Interactive

Dead By Daylight‘s new Sadako Rising chapter is debuting a classic killer from Ringu and The Ring. Sadako is coming to the game as The Onryō and she’s got some tricks up her sleeves.

Sadako’s power, Deluge of Fear, has plenty of dimensions to it.

Sadako has corporeal and incorporeal forms and can switch between them by using her power and manifesting into the material world. When not Manifested, she is invisible to all survivors outside of 32m (equivalent to her base terror radius) and becomes intermittently visible within 32m. To attack a survivor, Sadako must manifest first.

In addition to that, Sadako can project herself into TVs scattered around the trial as a teleporting tool. Doing so progresses another mechanic for her; the Condemned status. After survivors reach a certain level of Condemned, they will be susceptible to Killer Instinct and Sadako can kill a survivor after downing them. Players can turn off TVs to throw Sadako off, but this incurs Condemned progress. Likewise, they can turn TVs on to restore a fraction of their Condemned gauge.

Sadako’s perks, on the other hand, can apply some pressure by making it harder for survivors to repair generators or just pressuring survivors after one of them is unhooked.

Here are all of Sadako’s perks in Dead By Daylight.

All Sadako perks in Dead by Daylight

The numbers of these abilities are based on Sadako’s info screen on the PTB and can vary depending on perk levels and possible balancing adjustments.

  • Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage: At the start of the trial, up to four random hooks are changed into scourge hooks. Their auras appear white to you. Whenever a survivor is unhooked from a scourge hook, all other survivors have their aura revealed for five seconds.
  • Call of the Brine: Activates for 60 seconds after damaging a generator. The generator regresses at 150 percent of normal speed and its aura is revealed to the killer. Whenever a survivor completes a good skill check on a generator with this perk, the killer receives a loud notification.
  • Merciless Storm: When a generator reaches 90 percent progress, Survivors working on the generator will be faced with continuous skill checks. If they miss or stop repairing, the generator is blocked for 16 seconds. Can only trigger once per generator each trial.

Both Call of the Brine and Merciless Storm can help pressure generators, while Scourge Hook: Floods of Rage will apply pressure to survivors and give the killer free intel whenever a survivor is unhooked.

Dead By Daylight does have other perks that can achieve the same goals more effectively, but Sadako’s perks aren’t bad choices to begin with, especially considering her potential for map pressure through teleports.