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Where to find the Armored Battle Bus in Fortnite Chapter 3, season 2

This thing's bussin.

Image via Epic Games

The Armored Battle Bus is one of several prominent additions to Fortnite included in Chapter Three, season two, alongside the sprinting and mantling, a plethora of new weapons, and the removal of building.

The armored version of the iconic Battle Bus has up to 2,250 points of vehicle health, plus two manned turrets that other players can occupy and fire. There’s also a gnarly snowplow on the front of the bus, so ramming into objects causes less damage to the bus itself.

Before you can drive the Armored Battle Bus though, you have to fund the Armored Battle Bus. You can do so by donating gold bars to funding stations. Once the Armored Battle Bus is funded, you should be able to hop in the bus, but you can continue to donate to the funding stations to add additional light and heavy turrets.

Where is the Armored Battle Bus?

Image via Epic Games.

The Armored Battle Bus is located in the Sanctuary landmark, on the eastern side of the area on a dirt road, facing north. There’s seems to be only one on the map, so you’ll have to drop into Sanctuary right away to ensure that you and your squad get your hands on it first.

More Armored Battle Bus locations will be added after more funding is raised via the stations, but those are yet to be added or determined.

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