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Where to find Omni Chips in Fortnite?

The scavenger hunt begins.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Chapter Three Season Two is here and it comes with a packed battle royale battle pass. Throughout the duration of the season, players will try to max out their battle passes by completing various in-game challenges that reward experience.

One of the battle pass rewards is the Omni Sword, which players can further customize by collecting Omni Chips. With Omni Chips, players will be able to unlock new blades, colors, guards, and sounds for the Omni Sword. Considering Fortnite’s map size, however, you’ll need to know where exactly you need to go to save time.

Where can you find Omni Chips in Fortnite?

Greasy Grove

Screengrab via Epic Games

There are three Omni Chips in Greasy Grove. The first two Omni Chips can be found inside the Taco place located in the middle of the landmark. The second Greasy Grove will be at the south end of Greasy Grove.

Logjam Lumberyard

Screengrab via Epic Games

Players can find another three Omni Chips in Logjam Lumberyard. The first Omni Chip can be found close to the middle of the landmark, hidden behind the logs. The second one is hidden inside the factory part. The final Omnichip is close to the lake, and it’ll be sitting in between two groups of logs.

Mighty Monument

Screengrab via Epic Games

The first Omni Chip in Mighty Monument is on the dock on the beach. After picking it up, do a lap around the island, and you’ll find two more.

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