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What is Melee Damage and how to deal it in Fortnite?

It can even be considered disrespectful.

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Throughout a Fortnite season, players complete countless challenges in order to unlock sweet rewards and earn more XP to add more battle pass cosmetics to their collections.

Considering the wide range of content in the game, the challenges also vary in difficulty. While some challenges will require you to visit a landmark, others may ask you to perform more complicated tasks like dealing with Melee Damage.

Dealing Melee Damage sounds simple, but most players’ first instinct has been to find a weapon as soon as they land on the map since the first day they started playing Fortnite. This means that not many players may be familiar with the Melee Damage as a concept.

Melee Damage refers to the type of damage players can deal when they don’t have any weapons equipped. To deal with Melee Damage in Fortnite, players will need to switch to their pickaxe and start swinging it near enemies.

When you start hitting enemies with your pickaxe, you’ll be dealing Melee Damage that should also count toward the challenge introduced in Chapter Three, season one. Just dealing the damage will be enough to complete such challenges, and you won’t need to knock out your enemies.

In most scenarios, approaching players in a melee distance can be rather challenging, so completing this challenge can take a few matches. If you’re looking to complete this challenge as fast as possible, try to land in popular landmarks and start running at players with your pickaxe before they get a chance to loot weapons.