Team Liquid’s POACH to shift focus from professional Fortnite to content creation

He’ll compete less and stream more.

Image via Epic Games

Team Liquid’s Fortnite player Jake “POACH” Brumleve is shifting his focus from professional tournaments to content creation, he said on stream last night. In addition, he’s starting to stream games other than Fortnite on his Twitch channel.

“I think my time in competitive… I wouldn’t say it’s over,” POACH said. “But like I said, I just don’t enjoy it as much and, to be fair, I think there’s more of a career within content creation on Fortnite than there is with pro play.”

POACH said Fortnite isn’t competitive the way developer Epic Games treats it. “I don’t think I got what I wanted out of competitive and pro gaming out of Fortnite even though I had success and did really well,” POACH said.

He will still produce Fortnite content and play the game most of the time he’s streaming, but he’ll also experiment with other titles. “I also have enjoyed Fortnite less and less as the game developed,” Poach said. “I think I’ll be branching out and playing other games as I see them.”

POACH is one of the big Fortnite streamers who failed to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in all 10 weeks of open qualifiers. Securing a spot in the World Cup Finals would guarantee him at least $50,000, which is the prize money for the last spot in the solo competition. 

But until the World Cup, there’s only one small Trios tournament scheduled, and what’s coming after the World Cup is still a mystery. Competitive players like Poach who failed to qualify for the Finals will have to wait at least a month to compete in an official big tournament with a prize pool again, which is added to the past 10 weeks of earning little to no prize money in the World Cup qualifiers.

POACH’s Twitch channel concurrent viewers float from 1,200 to 2,500 when he’s streaming Fortnite. He receives donations and subscriptions from his viewers and has sponsors.

He’s still willing to compete occasionally in Fortnite tournaments and said he would play other titles professionally if he liked them, but that his focus from now on will be on streaming and content creation.


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