Players can fish for dropped loot in Fortnite

Fish out of water.

Image via Epic Games

The fishing rod, introduced in Fortnite Chapter Two, has a new feature that allows players to reel in loot that doesn’t have to come from the water. 

A Reddit user recently discovered that dropped items can be brought to the player by using the fishing rod. Players have to simply stand near the loot, aim toward the dropped items, and reel the items in. The dropped loot will land at the player’s feet. 

The Reddit user was able to hook and reel in a med kit, submachine gun, and pump shotgun that were just laying in some grass. 

This feature could be useful in early-game scenarios. Once players have eliminated a squad, the zone could leave their loot in the storm. To counter this, players can try to safely reel the items toward themselves from outside the storm. 

But although this feature could be useful in the late game, players will need each slot for weapons and medical supplies. 

Another Reddit user discovered that the fishing rod has an incredibly long reel. This means that players can fish for loot from as high up as 37 tiles. But players should try to gather the loot quickly since mobility is important in Fortnite

This isn’t the only feature that’s been introduced with Fortnite Chapter Two. Another player recently discovered that you can ride sniper bullets to soar around the map at breakneck speeds.