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You can ride a sniper bullet in Fortnite

Rocket riding v2.

Image via Epic Games

A new iteration of rocket riding is possible in Fortnite.

A Reddit user accidentally discovered that you can soar across the map while riding a sniper bullet during a Fortnite match. On the descent of the player’s jump, he was hit mid-air by his teammate’s sniper bullet. The player flew across the map at breakneck speed. It seemed like the player was traveling at the same speed and distance as the regular sniper bullet and he was eventually stopped by a tree. 

But this action seems difficult to replicate considering the small pixel size of the sniper bullet itself. This means that the player model has to perfectly align with the trajectory of the sniper bullet. 

Although replication seems difficult, it could be extremely useful in a competitive scenario. Players could shoot under their teammates and, since there isn’t any friendly fire damage, they’ll go flying across the map. This could be used to rotate teammates toward the next zone. 

Players won’t want to hang around for a long time when trying this, though. Considering the time it takes to pull off this trick, enemies could easily be alerted by the sound of the sniper bullet if they’re in close proximity. 

But snipers are relatively rare in Fortnite. Paired with the luck and timing required, it could be difficult to ride on a sniper bullet efficiently and quickly.