Ninja reported a player for high ping and was later accused of getting someone falsely banned

The story is a bit confusing, though.

Screengrab via Ninja

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is in hot water once again after he reported a player and supposedly got them banned.

Ninja reported a player during a recent stream for “having a higher ping,” and that player was supposedly banned by developer Epic Games later on. The player, Cheraxo, who claims he was banned because of Ninja, was later unbanned and compensated in V-Bucks for the mistaken ban.

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A YouTube video uploaded by Cheraxo explained the situation, addressing why he had high ping during his game with Ninja. Parts of his story don’t add up, though, because he said his ping was around 70 to 100 milliseconds when he killed Ninja, but the ping time from Australia to Chicago is at least 200 milliseconds.

Cheraxo’s video shows the email that he received from Epic regarding his ban and compensation, but it doesn’t show the footage of him actually killing Ninja. So Cheraxo may not have been banned because of Ninja, despite what a popular Reddit post says. Epic Games recently confirmed that Cheraxo’s claim is “false” and that the two events were not connected.

This also isn’t the first time that Ninja is under fire for reporting a player. Last week, he falsely accused a player of stream sniping during a Twitch broadcast because they used an emote after killing him. The idea of stream sniping Ninja has since become a meme, and now having a high ping is the newest Ninja meme to be born.