Here’s why Ninja is receiving hate for falsely accusing someone of stream sniping

Ninja apologized for scaring the player with a potential ban.

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Popular Fortnite: Battle Royale Twitch streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is under fire on social media for falsely accusing a player of stream sniping.

In a recent broadcast, Ninja publicly accused a player named “IcyFive” of stream sniping, or watching his stream to figure out his position. A post on Reddit gained traction yesterday in support of IcyFive with the title, “This poor player is about to get banned [be]cause he emoted,” and an attached video of Ninja reporting him to Epic Games for stream sniping.

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Ninja thought that IcyFive was stream sniping because he used an emote shortly after he killed him. His usual stream partner, Ben “DrLupo” Lupo, just so happened to say “emote” right before IcyFive used one. Considering how the use of an emote (for BM, or bad manners) is fairly commonplace in Fortnite, it seems like the entire situation was a complete coincidence.

“Epic will never ban people for no reason even if I say anything,” Ninja said to IcyFive on Twitter after his mentions started blowing up with criticism. “You assuming they do is naive. Stop playing the victim. You aren’t getting banned. I am sorry. Stop milking it… [I] had some drinks and was feeling spicy. Everyone is way [too] sensitive.”

IcyFive uploaded a YouTube video in response to Ninja’s report explaining his side of the story. He used an emote at the time because he had six people spectating him in-game and because he “lasered” Ninja with a sniper.

“I don’t know why you raged, called me an idiot, and said you were going to try and get me banned,” IcyFive said on Twitter to Ninja. “I know that you can get me banned [be]cause of how much power you have within Epic. You are the face of Fortnite.”

Things seem to have calmed down between Ninja, DrLupo, and IcyFive, but users on Reddit’s /r/FortniteBR and /r/LivestreamFail subreddits are still critiquing Ninja for his overreaction. There are also a number of memes and videos popping up on Reddit about Ninja saying, “You gotta love when there’s proof.