Moqii becomes first female player to win Fortnite Champion Series Qualifier session

The 14-year-old ended with 94 points.

Image via Epic Games

Swedish Fortnite player Moqii Zoldyck became the first female player to win a Fortnite Champion Series Qualifying solos today, doing so at the age of 14. 

The young gamer plays for Gen.G’s European team and has been competing in the Fortnite esports scene basically as long as she’s been old enough to. Players are required by Epic Games to be at least 13-years-old to compete in tournaments. 

Starting with competitions in the spring and summer of 2019, Moqii had previously never placed better than 11th, with five finishes in the top 20 for notable Fortnite events run by Epic. Moqii joined Gen.G Europe in February of this year.

The win by Moqii came on the second day of qualifiers for the FNCS Chapter two, season three. Coverage of the qualification rounds are taking place this weekend and next weekend on the official Fortnite channel before the season finals that are set to be played on Aug. 14 to 16.

Over seven matches played today, Moqii chalked up three victory royales and averaged six eliminations totaling 94 points. The number was just barely enough to beat second place, which posted 93 points, for the qualification session.

While there is significantly more involved in the qualification process for the FNCS, Moqii’s ability to beat out the boys certainly puts her in a unique position. 

To qualify for the FNCS finals, players must be one of the top-performing players in multiple rounds of qualification sessions leading up to the Aug. 14 season finals group stage. 

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