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Lachlan gives sneak peak of his Icon Series Fortnite skin

It's electric.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Australian YouTuber Lachlan teased fans today with a picture of his upcoming Icon Series Fortnite skin. 

The character cosmetic looks like everything you’d expect out of Lachlan, including his sparkling, slicked-back hair. 

Along with having an identical face to Lachlan, the teaser photo looked to be electrified, matching the content creator’s lightning bolt-themed branding.

Wearing a shiny white jacket with electric yellow and gold accents, the skin has a black shirt and pants getup that’s glowing with yellow and blue lightning bolts that sparkle.

Lachlan’s Icon Series cosmetic will be in Fortnite’s Item Shop starting Nov. 12 at 6pm CT. Lachlan originally announced his involvement in the Icon Series in a tweet last week.

Fans can get access to the Lachlan skin without buying it from the item shop by participating in a tournament that Epic Games is organizing called Lachlan’s Pickaxe Frenzy. The winners of the event on Nov. 8 will be able to get the full cosmetic set four days before its official release.