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How to hunt wildlife in Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6

You can hunt four types of wild animals in the latest season.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite island will welcome new species in Chapter two, season six, tilted Primal. On top of facing off against enemies, players will be able to hunt wildlife like in a survival game.

Hunting wildlife will have several uses. First, some challenges each week will require the players to use the mechanic to earn XP. It’s the case for the first week of season six, for example, where there’s a requirement to hunt five wild animals.

The mechanic can also be useful to loot items that can be crafted, using the new gameplay mechanic introduced in season six. Once slain, they’ll drop meat, too, which can be eaten and help regain some precious HP.

How to hunt wildlife in Fortnite Chapter two, season six?

With the new seasons, four species of wild animals have invaded the Fortnite island: boars, wolfs, frogs, and chickens.

Those animals can be found all around the map, but some areas will include more of certain species. For example, boars can be found in a paddock in Colossal Crops.

The animals won’t try to defend themselves when you hunt them. Instead, prepare to run after them, because they’ll simply escape.

Although the animals can be hunted, they also can be tamed, which can offer you an advantage. For example, taming chicken will allow you to use them to fly. Yes, you can now fly with chickens in Fortnite.

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