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Fortnite’s v9.01 update is coming this Wednesday

This is the first update of season nine.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Epic Games will release Fortnite season nine’s first update this Wednesday, a company employee has confirmed on Reddit. It’ll be the v9.01 update, and it comes six days after the release of v9.00, which is a sign that Epic will keep updating the game weekly throughout the season.

The company has yet to reveal what time the update patch notes will be released and if there will be server downtime. It’s common to see both of these happen at the same time, and players can check the full list of changes while they download the game files.

The Epic employee who revealed the release date was replying to a bug report of a player who found an instant death spot in Neo Tilted, and he said this issue should be fixed in the v9.01 update. Apart from other potential bug fixes that are always included in updates, we know very little about what’s coming tomorrow.

If a new weapon is coming with the v9.01 update, it’s likely the Tactical Assault Rifle. We know from leaks that it’s a hybrid between an SMG and a standard Assault Rifle, with damage, fire rate, and range that’s intermediate to both classes. However, its class is still an assault rifle that uses light bullets.

We could also see the debut of a John Wick-inspired event. Data miners revealed that a new game mode could come with exclusive challenges, but Epic has yet to confirm if these are real.

A new update also means more data mining and leaks. Update days are when Epic adds files for game elements that are going to be revealed throughout the week, which means data miners can reveal some skins, gliders, and even events that might be coming in the following days.

The v9.01 update should be released in the early morning.