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Fortnite’s Dusty Depot meteor is cracking

Some players think the effects around it are becoming stronger, too.

Screengrab via Epic Games

More changes could be coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale’s season X island.

When the season started, it reintroduced the old Dusty Depot to the game. The area is now frozen in time and the meteor that crashed into it at the end of season three is now static in the sky in the same position it was a few seconds before impact. And the meteor, instead of moving, is now cracking and becoming more unstable.

Players spotted that rift-like cracks are appearing under the meteor as if it’s slowly breaking. Whenever we see objects and areas of the Fortnite island cracking, we know change is coming, and that likely means the meteor will explode in mid-air soon to cause another map change somewhere on the island, maybe even sending another area partly back in time.

Some believe that the cracks have always been there, however, and that the visual effects around the meteor are becoming stronger each day and might mean that the rock is unstable.

Epic wrote in the v10.0 patch notes that “locations once thought to be lost are beginning to appear, but they aren’t the same as they once were.” So far, the only old named location back in the game is Dusty Depot, but that message could imply that other areas are returning to the game soon. The meteor could be tied to these changes, too.

Some Fortnite data miners claim to have found evidence that Moisty Mire is also returning to the game soon as Moisty Palms. This would likely be that same old area but mixed with Paradise Palms, which replaced it when season five began. If that’s the area of the map traveling back in time, there’s a chance players could also see the season three prison return to the game, which used to be northwest of Moisty Mire.

It’s unclear if other areas are also returning anytime soon. We also don’t know if the meteor cracking means that time will flow again on Dusty Depot and bring Divot back or if all time travel locations will be permanent.