Fortnite v6.21 update adds balloons, vaults semi-auto sniper, guided missile, and dual pistols

Make sure to pop off while carrying ballons.

Screengrab via Epic Games

This week’s Fortnite: Battle Royale update is introducing a brand-new addition to the game, while also putting away a few staples.

Balloons are the newest items to join the Battle Royale arsenal thanks to the v6.21 game update. They come in Epic purple rarities in sets of 20 and can be used based on how many balloons are deployed. Players can hold up to six balloons at a time, using the primary fire button to inflate them and the secondary fire to let go of the them.

The poppable toys can be found on floors, chests, supply drops, supply llamas, and vending machines. Developer Epic Games noted in the patch notes that balloons have a time limit despite them being able to reach the max build height on the island.

In addition to the dropping of balloons into the game, a few weapons were put away in the vault, including the semi-automatic sniper, guided missle, and dual pistols. The dualies, however, are still available in Playground Mode.

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The grappler player velocity has also been adjusted when users are in a passenger vehicle. When grappling and driving, the pull velocity of the grappler and the current velocity of the vehicle are combined, allowing players to reach high speeds due to the net force.

As for the remaining notes in the update, Epic fixed quality of life aspects of the game related to general gameplay, audio, and replays.