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DM Arena is coming to The Block in Fortnite to replace Mysterious Market

This bouncy creation was leaked before.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s third and last 7.10 Content Update will go live today, and the patch notes have revealed a series of tweaks and additions coming to Battle Royale. The only location that’s officially being modified is The Block, which will stop hosting Mysterious Market to be home to the bouncy DM Arena by KojackNumber2.

This arena was the one that Epic accidentally revealed in a tweet after the first location, Grimy Greens, was added to the game a few weeks ago.

The Block is a special area in Battle Royale that features the best creations Fortnite players make in the Creative mode. Developer Epic Games chose KojackNumber2’s arena this time.

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DM Arena is the fourth fan creation to be featured at The Block. DM stands for “deathmatch,” as the area’s original name was Bounce Pad Deathmatch. KojackNumber2 describes his creation as a “free for all Deathmatch map designed for up to eight people.” In the original Creative map, players mostly had Hand Cannons, Hunting Rifles, and Bounce Pads spread around the area to fly over it while eliminating their opponents.

KojackNumber2 also uploaded a video of DM Arena on Reddit nearly a month ago. It gives us a sneak peek of how the inside of the area will look when added to Battle Royale, with several walls covered in Bounce Pads—but also with small corridors where players can stand still.

DM Arena will be added to The Block as soon as the third v7.10 Content Update is live in the game, which should happen anytime soon. Players who are eager to test it in the few minutes they have before Fortnite servers are shut down for maintenance, or that want to test the original experience planned by KojackNumber2 can use the code 8792-1332-7866 to play the map in Fortnite Creative.