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Here is Fortnite Chapter 2, season 6’s new map and named locations

Things have changed.

Image via Epic Games

With the launch of Fortnite Chapter Two, season six today, players have been treated to a new rendition of the map for the duration of the season.

Some of the most notable changes include the addition of three new locations. These are The Spire that’s replaced the Zero Point in the center of the map, Colossal Crops in place of Colossal Colosseum, and Boney Burbs, which was previously Salty Towers.

On top of these named locations, there are other landmarks around the map that are new to the season.

Aside from these new named locations and the drastic terrain changes in the middle of the map, it appears that many of the locations will remain the same from season five to six.

Now that the new season has finally launched, players have the opportunity to test out the season six map for themselves.