Epic eyes major franchises for potential Fortnite crossovers

Epic sent out a survey gauging interest in various media properties, including Transformers, Uncharted, and... How I Met Your Mother?

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games might be curious as to what players want to see in future Fortnite crossovers if a new survey is to be believed.

Epic asked players in a recent survey, according to prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR, how they feel about different media brands and properties, possibly hinting that they may appear in the battle royale title.

While no actual images of the survey have made their way online, ShiinaBR posted an extensive list of all the properties mentioned in the survey and some of them are surprising—even for Fortnite.

Among other things, the list includes properties and brands like National Lampoon’s Vacation, How I Met Your Mother, and Caddyshack. Of course, more traditional media IPs are also listed, including Uncharted, Transformers, Wonder Woman, and many more.

In total, there are 160 different properties mentioned. Just because they appear on this survey doesn’t mean they’ll be added to the game, however. It just means that Epic wants to know how people feel about them, probably to best understand what will do well.

Epic has used surveys many times in the past to gauge interest in certain properties or possible new benefits for its Fortnite Crew subscription, so there is a precedent for this.

It’s also possible that this survey may not be for that at all since it lists properties and characters already available within Fortnite, including God of War, Iron Man, Aquaman, and more. Whatever the reason for it, fans of the game will potentially hear more about it in the near future.