Does Fortnite Ocean have a hidden Konami Code mini-game?

Short answer? Sadly not.

With the end of Chapter Two in Fortnite and a new Chapter and season on the horizon, Epic Games once again stopped people from playing Fortnite for a couple of days.

Anytime someone tries to login into or play Fortnite, they are instead greeted with a scene of a character floating in the middle of the ocean, and have nothing to do but watch some items float by or click exit.

This has led many players to believe that, just like last season, a hidden Konami Code mini-game is hidden and waiting to be found ahead of launch. But is there one?

It should come as no surprise. At the end of Chapter One, while players looked into the density of space, putting in the Konami code gave players a small mini-game to play. The feature was insanely popular for the two days it was live, giving fans a way to kill time while waiting for Fortnite to connect again.

Unfortunately for players who looked for a new distraction in the menu screen, there doesn’t seem to be a Konami code mini-game in the Chapter Two end screen. Trying to input the legendary code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, A, B, Start) yields no mini-game, and the Fortnite corpses stay in place. Grabbing or clicking any of the boxes also yields no results, and it seems like this time there is really nothing waiting for players as they stare at the wild blue yonder.

Of course, Epic could always change this in the future. For now, though, players will have to settle for not playing Fortnite while they wait for the new season to drop—and going by the transition between Chapters One and Two, this could be a couple of days, and players might only resume their play on Monday morning.


Adam Newell
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