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Darth Vader lands on the Fortnite island

Darth Vader is bringing the Dark Side to the island.

Darth vader reflects incoming fire using his lightsaber in Greasy Grove
Image via Epic Games

Darth Vader was first leaked to be coming to Fortnite earlier this year during the Unreal Engine 5 presentation. There was a lot of speculation about what capacity the Sith Lord would appear in, but now, it seems like the character will get a moving landmark on the map.

Players can see Darth Vader at the start of every match when his ship flies past the Battle Bus and descends onto the island. Players can watch the ship land exactly where it will appear on the map. When players go to that location, they’ll find Darth Vader, a couple of stormtroopers, and some tents with unique crates inside.

Evie from Fortnite landing near a ship from star wars and white tents
Screengrab via Epic Games

In each match, the ship will land somewhere differently, as shown by the animation while in the Battle Bus. In the tents are unique chests that hold E-11 Blasters from the Star Wars series, as well as ammo and support items. The real prize of this landmark will come from defeating Darth Vader, which rewards the player with his lightsaber. But it won’t be easy to defeat the infamous Sith Lord.

Darth Vader has all the powers that he’s become infamous for, including the ability to use the Force to throw his lightsaber, pull the player into close range, and jump to great heights to travel further. By defeating him, players can get the new mythic weapon, Darth Vader’s Lightsaber. This weapon can be thrown and will return to the player.

In an official blog post, Epic Games said that Darth Vader has “begun his campaign for the island,” so this may only be the beginning. Players will have to take on the Sith Lord and his stormtroopers if they want to keep him from getting a foothold on the island.