How to chip shot in FIFA 21

Thought this was called a cheap shot?

Image via EA Sports

Once you get into a one-vs-one situation in FIFA 21, there are more than a few ways of ensuring you score a goal. Depending on the goalkeeper’s positioning and your angle inside the box, you’ll have various approaches to taking a shot.

While a simple shot can be enough in most situations, you can increase your odds of scoring by choosing the right approach. During your FIFA 21 career, you’ll find yourself trying to score in different ways to complete challenges, which is an excellent way to grind more coins.

A chip shot is a type of shot where players hit the bottom of the ball to send it high up in the air, making it a tough catch for goalkeepers. Chip shots are especially beneficial when a goalkeeper is closing in on you and in situations where you’re sure a regular shot would just bounce off the keeper. Taking a chip shot requires you to press multiple buttons at once. If you’re looking to practice all kinds of shooting methods, you can write them down on a piece of paper to help you memorize them in the long run.

Here’s how you can perform a chip shot in FIFA 21.

Remember that you’ll always need to use your left analog stick to make sure that you’re directing your shot at the right angle. The button assignments for performing a chip shot depend on the gaming platform of your choice, but given the similar nature of controllers, they’re nearly identical.

PlayStation users need to hold down L1 and press circle to perform a chipshot, while Xbox players can score chip shots by holding down LB and pressing B to shoot.

Nintendo Switch players can score chip shots by holding down L and pressing A. 

If you’re on PC and use a keyboard to play FIFA 21, you can perform a chip shot by holding down your player modifier key and tapping your shoot hotkey.

The success of your shots will depend on your angle of approach and technique. It takes a lot of work to tighten up your consistency, but you’ll be able to achieve better results with enough practice.