Here are the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Icon Swaps 3

There are a lot of quality Icons to grind for.

Screengrab via EA Sports FIFA YouTube

EA Sports released the upcoming batch of Icon cards that players can grind for in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team today.

The Icon Swaps 3 will use the same system that the previous selections did. Players will earn a token each time they complete a challenge listed in FUT’s objectives tab. Once they’ve gathered enough tokens to trade it for the Icon of their preference, they’ll unlock that special card to use on their own Ultimate Team.

The most expensive players are the base Zinedine Zidane card (91 rated), prime Mané Garrincha (94 rated), and prime moments Carlos Alberto (94 rated). But there are some Icons that are as good as those available for fewer tokens, such as prime moments Emmanuel Petit (92 rated), prime moments Denis Bergkamp (92 rated), and prime Diego Maradona (95 rated).

If you still don’t have the time or don’t want to grind as much, there are quality Icons available for six to 13 tokens, like mid Paolo Maldini (92 rated), prime moments Gennaro Gattuso (90 rated), and prime moments Marc Overmars (92 rated).

With the Icon Swaps 3, EA has also launched the fifth season of FIFA 20 FUT. You’ll be able to grind and pick one of the storyline players once you have enough experience points. There are three remarkable cards available for players to pick: an 89-rated Fred from Manchester United, an 89-rated Yannick Carrasco from Atlético Madrid, and an 89-rated Andrea Belloti from Torino.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to jump into the game and start grinding for these new FUT special cards.