Will Breaking Bad’s Walter White be in MultiVersus?

Heisenberg has a shot, but it isn't a good one.

Image via Warner Bros. Games/Sony Pictures | Remix by Cale Michael

MultiVersus was an instant hit, surpassing 140,000 players on Steam alone with the launch of its Open Beta. And, the free-to-play platform fighter is in a good position to maintain at least some of the momentum as new characters like LeBron James and Rick and Morty have been or will be added to expand the game’s roster—though that eventually leads to speculation on which crossover is set to happen next. 

Among the most talked about characters that players want to see join the MultiVersus roster is Breaking Bad’s Walter White. 

Along with multiple characters previously leaked through various datamines over the last year, and those that have been confirmed since, the sheer number of potential characters that Player First Games could be developing out of the vast vault of Warner Bros. IPs has fans excited. 

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Unfortunately, Walter White is a character under the Breaking Bad IP, which is not owned by WB, but rather by Sony Pictures. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the crossover can’t happen, but it does dampen those hopes quite a bit. 

White was also not mentioned on any of the datamined character lists, for as little concrete information that they provide.

So while that isn’t a guarantee the former chemistry teacher has no shot at becoming a fighting game character, those lists have correctly predicted many of the fighters currently being added—such as LeBron James and both Rick and Morty.