The Super Smash Bros. series turns 21 years old today

The franchise can now legally drink in the U.S.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo’s insanely popular Super Smash Bros. fighting game series celebrates its 21st birthday today and the series has never looked stronger.

The original Smash Bros. title for Nintendo 64 was released on Jan. 21, 1999 in Japan. Since then, multiple installments in the franchise have been released for every new generation of Nintendo hardware.

It’s hard to imagine that the series only had 12 fighters on its roster at one time. Now, there are over 80 characters available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This just goes to show how big the series has gotten over the years.

The number of game modes, like story and tournament mode, stages, and tracks has also greatly increased over the last two decades. It truly is a massive game series that provides great value for your hard-earned money.

Ultimate is still going strong. Six more DLC fighters are set to be released up until the end of 2021, so we don’t see the series going stale any time soon.