The best Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Buff your fighter.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the most complete title in the franchise, featuring all the characters introduced in previous games as well as a range of new fighters exclusive to Ultimate. The fighting game also boasts new gameplay features, including Spirits.

Spirits are stickers that grant players different buffs in combat, which alter stats or grant fighters new abilities. These Spirits can be acquired through a variety of different methods including the World of Light single-player story mode, tournament events, and by defeating random enemies on the Spirit Board.

Once you have access to a Spirit, it can be used as many times as you like, but they can only be used in the World of Light and Spirit Board modes.

You’ll want to ensure you have the right Spirits equipped to counter some of the unique match conditions you’re faced with. There are often going to be different Spirits that are best for each situation. In this list, however, we’ll share the best Spirits available in the game overall.

Best Spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Players can have up to three Spirits equipped at any time, but some Spirits allow for other Spirits to be added to them on top of this limit.


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One of the best Spirits players can acquire is the Halberd from the Kirby franchise. This Spirit has a powerful effect that grants players a 1.8 multiplier on their defense and also slightly increases their attack stat. This huge buff in defense is generally going to be beneficial in most encounters, but to equip this Spirit requires two of the three available Spirit slots. 

To get this Spirit, players should keep an eye on the in-game store. It will randomly become available in exchange for currency or for SP in the Spirit Collection.

Golden Mario

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Another support-style Spirit Golden Mario boasts the ability called Super Armor. This unique buff will allow fighters to tank damage under 138 frames without suffering any knockback or flinching. Having this ability will make it so most fighters can chain together combinations without fear of interruption.

Similar to Halberd, Golden Mario is a four-star Spirit that can be purchased from the store for gold or SP through the Spirit Collection. Golden Mario can also be summoned by combining the Metal Mario, Super Mushroom, and Fire Flower’s cores. This powerful Spirit will take up all three of the available spirit slots.

Soma Cruz

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If you’re after something that will give you an all-around buff, the Soma Cruz spirit is a great option. Boasting an increase in overall stats, the major buff the Spirit grants come when facing off against giant enemies. With the ability of Giant Slayer, this Spirit allows players to make short work of their super-sized opponents.

To get this Spirit, players will need to have the Dracula Spirit and max its level out to 100 using snacks. Spirits can also be leveled up just by using them in game modes or by putting them into the gym.


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Judd is another excellent support Spirit that should be enough to help skilled players get ahead. This unique support item grants the skill Double Final Smash that allows players to use their Final Smash multiple times. This can be a gamechanger and allows the fighter to quickly dispose of the opposition. 

This Spirit can be purchased through the stores as well as summoned using a combination of Judd, Meowth, Neutral, and Support cores. This Spirit will also take up all available slots, so it may not be the right option for condition-specific fights.


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Healing can be a huge factor in drawn-out fights, so having a Spirit that can do this for you is quite handy. The Celebi Spirit boasts the unique ability of Great Autoheal. This will heal five percent of the fighter’s damage every five seconds of the fight, which can amount to a substantial amount over its duration. 

To use the Celebi Spirit, you sacrifice all three of your slots so it may not be perfect for all fights. The Spirit can be acquired by defeating Mewtwo on the Spirit Board or be found in the World of Light. It can also be found on rotation in the shop.

Skull Kid and Majora’s Mask

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Another Spirit focused around health recovery, Skull Kid and Majora’s Mask will provide fighters with lifesteal, healing them for some of the damage they deal. For aggressive fighters who put together lengthy combinations, this can be an excellent way to get back some health fast without using items.

The only way to acquire this Spirit is by leveling up the Skull Kid Spirit to the max level of 99. Once obtained it can be used in combination with other spirits since it will only take up two support slots.

Starship Mario

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Starship Mario is one of the more simple yet effective Spirits in the game. Using this spirit will greatly increase the fighter’s jump height. Having a higher jump height will assist in aerial combinations as well as recovery should you find yourself falling from the map.

This helpful Spirit can be acquired through the World of Light, Spirit Board, or the store, and it will only take up a single support slot, so it can be used in combination with others.

Black Knight

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Similarly to the Halberd Spirit, Black Knight has the Armor Knight ability that will grant a massive increase in defense for the fighter when equipped. This a great alternative if Halberd is not available and can also be acquired through leveling up the Zelgius Spirit to the max.

Full Armor X

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A great alternative to Golden Mario, Full Armor X has the Super Armor ability and can be more accessible to some players. This Spirit can be found by leveling up the X Spirit to its max level of 99.