Super Smash Bros. mod brings Ultimate hide and seek mode into the game

Check out this 30 minutes of glorious gameplay.

Image via Nintendo

Even years after its release the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community is finding new ways to play and thanks to a mod from modder Blujay, now the game has a new mode, Hide and Seek.

In a video shared by Smash pro Fatality, this mod is shown off in all its glory for the very first time and the result is some hilarious, unique Smash content.

In this mode, the player’s perspective is skewed to place the camera directly behind the player. This allows them to hide behind structures out of vision. There are three simple rules in this mode. The game is set to stamina mode with each player having just one stock. The seeker has extra HP while the hiding players only have a single hp.

With these rules, it’s on players to find a perfect hiding place and count down for the seeker. As you can see from the 30 minutes of gameplay, shared by Fatality, this mode produces plenty of hilarious encounters as players attempt to hide or scurry away with the help of their fighter’s abilities.

Of course, this isn’t a mode just anyone can boot up their game and play as it requires mods to function. It’s also worth mentioning, as you’d expect, only the bigger maps work for this mode as smaller ones would leave no place to hide.

If you’d like to check out more unique Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mods you can check out more from Blujay here.