Is Project L free-to-play?

Fighting games are finally breaking into a new space.

Image via Riot Games

As confirmed in the developer’s latest dev diary, Project L will be free-to-play at launch and will likely feature a similar, ever-expanding content approach used by other Riot Games titles like League of Legends and VALORANT

The fighting game will have players controlling two different champions from the world of Runeterra using a tag-based gameplay system. This will allow for experimentation based on player experience as they practice and can continue to add their own creative spin while in combat. 

Using the free-to-play model allows Riot and the Project L team to expand the game’s accessibility, with hopes of pulling in players who might not have given a premium release a chance due to not having an affinity or experience with prior fighting games. 

“One of our goals is to remove as many barriers as possible from you enjoying Project L,” game lead Tom Cannon said. “We want you to be able to play no matter where you live, what your skill level is, or how much money you have to spend on a game.”

Microtransactions were mentioned too, though the specifics were not shared. The team simply noted that it would be “respectful” when it comes to monetizing the game.

We already knew that the game would “embrace” a control style that is easy to pick up and learn for newcomers, while also adding depth for those who wish to spend time mastering the game. 

This “aspirational summit” is all about unlocking the fun of the game at all skill levels and ensuring that Project L isn’t just limited in scope to being a casual or competitive title. And judging by the success Warner Bros. Games and Player First Games have seen with their own free-to-play fighter MultiVersus, it looks like this model has legs when it comes to using existing IP to draw in fans.