How to watch Evo Japan 2020

One of the biggest FGC tournaments of the year has already begun.

Evo Japan 2020 is one of the biggest fighting game tournaments of the year and it takes place in the backyard of some of the best players in the world.

The tournament is underway, but if you don’t live in Japan the time zone difference might end up making you miss the most anticipated parts of a bracket if you aren’t watching for them closely. 

For those of you who want to enjoy some of the best matches, here is your guide to the start times for each game throughout the weekend. Starting with the games that begin on Jan. 24 and continuing on through Championship Sunday on Jan. 26 in JST (Japanese Standard Time.) 

For viewers watching from North America, the matches actually have already started since most games began streaming at 6pm CT on Jan. 23 and will end in the early morning of Jan. 26. 

As a side note, each game is typically relegated to one of the several Evo-branded Twitch channels. All you need to do to find these different channels is either search for Evo in the Twitch search bar and look through the different options, or look for the top streams in the category of whatever title you want to watch.

GameDay One Day TwoDay Three
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Jan. 23 at 6:30pm CT Jan. 24 at 7pmJan. 25 at 9:30pm
Street Fighter V: Arcade EditionJan. 23 at 9pm CT Jan. 24 at 10:30pmJan. 26 at 1:30am
Tekken 7Jan. 23 at 9pm CT Jan. 24 at 6pmJan. 25 at 9pm CT
Samurai Shodown Jan. 23 at 7pm CT Jan. 24 at 12:30amN/A
Soul Calibur VI Jan. 23 at 7pm CT Jan. 24 at 8:45pmN/A
Blazblue: Cross Tag BattleJan. 23 at 8pm CT Jan. 24 at 3:15amN/A

Obviously since this is a fighting game tournament, some of these times will not be exact because some matches go longer or shorter than others, but Japan is known to run a tight ship at these events, so things should run smoothly and be relatively on schedule. 

For more information about brackets, times, and general event details you can visit the Evo Japan 2020 page.