Here are the patch notes for Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl’s Oct. 18 update

Dash dancing and Mikey nerfs are inbound for the PC version.

Image via Ludosity and Fair Play Labs

The developers behind Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl have officially released a new balance patch for the game on Steam. 

Unlike the previous patch, which was mainly focused on removing broken mechanics and improving general gameplay, this is a more traditional set of patch notes. Dash dancing was added into the game, along with working to better balance 12 different fighters. 

Michelangelo and Patrick are among those fighters that have received sizable changes, with Mikey being nerfed so his neutral air isn’t “dumb” anymore and Patrick getting super armor on his command input. Additionally, powerful moves for Lucy Loud, Danny Phantom, and Ren & Stimpy have had their down specials nerfed to keep them from killing at very low percentages. 

Here is the full list of patch notes for the PC version of NASB, with no current timeline on when it will be available on consoles. You can also read extended thoughts from the developer about this specific patch on the official Steam page for the game. 


  • Fixed characters animating at half frame rate on Rooftop Rumble, Royal Woods Cemetery and Traffic Jam while playing online
  • Fixed Ghost Zone causing CPU players to freeze in place
  • Projectiles that bounce no longer last indefinitely (Ren & Stimpy Log, CatDog Furball, Toph Boulder)
  • Projectiles that bounce no longer disappear when making contact with a wall or ceiling, they will continue bouncing for their spawned duration
  • Increased global DI window (10 degrees to 16 degrees)
  • Updated pixelated images in gallery
  • Fixed certain recovery moves not activating as expected when performed immediately after leaving launch state
  • Implemented dash dancing: turning around out of a run begins an immediate run in the opposite direction
  • Performing a dash dance starts a 15 frame warmup before a dash attack can be input. On the 16th frame and beyond, conditions for dash attacks return to normal
  • Added missing localized words on the options menu
  • Fixed Traffic Jam Bus not rendering properly on Low setting

Fighter Adjustments

  • Patrick
    • Fixed command-input not activating super-armor
  • Aang
    • Removed outermost hitboxes on neutral air
    • Increased down special x-speed multiplier (1.75 to 1.85)
  • Toph
    • Fixed infinite platform bug
  • Korra
    • Fixed down special having variable landing lag
  • Lucy Loud
    • Down special vampire base knockback decreased (180 to 110)
    • Down special vampire knockback gain increased (185 to 265)
  • Michelangelo
    • Neutral air launch angle changed (320 to 30)
    • Neutral air stun decreased (30 to 24)
    • Neutral air stun gain increased (0 to 6)
    • Fixed up air not hitting airborne opponents
  • Ren & Stimpy 
    • Down special base knockback decreased (200 to 120)
    • Down special knockback gain increased (200 to 250)
  • Powdered Toast Man
    • Powdered Toast sprinkled to the idle animations (Fresh out of the can)
  • Zim
    • Fixed dash attack 2nd hit not manifesting, will now appear as expected
    • Fixed strong mid hitbox misplacement, will now appear as expected
  • Helga
    • Fixed down special taking damage
  • Danny Phantom
    • Down special base knockback decreased (180 to 100)
    • Down special knockback gain increased (160 to 280)
  • Oblina
    • Fixed aerial down strong hitbox misplacement, will now appear as expected
    • Fixed aerial light down hitbox lingering the duration of the move