Can you play Street Fighter 6 on Nintendo Switch?

Players want to fight using their handheld device.

A Street Fighter 6 art piece showing Cammy, Chun-LI, and Ryu fighting
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Street Fighter 6 has finally been released, allowing players from across the world to test their mettle against the variety of new and returning fighters. The game is available on most current-gen consoles, but more people are curious about getting SF6 on the partially handheld Nintendo Switch. The title is available on the PlayStation 4, so the possibility is not out of the question.

It should be stated that none of the main Street Fighter entries in the 2010s and beyond have been added to the Nintendo Switch, but that doesn’t mean Street Fighter 6 won’t make its appearance eventually.

Will Street Fighter 6 come to Nintendo Switch?

As of writing on June 3, Street Fighter 6 hasn’t been announced to be coming to the Nintendo Switch, and it isn’t available in the Item Shop. It should be noted that Street Fighter V, the previous entry, is also not on the Switch six years after its release. That doesn’t bode well for the future of the main series coming to Nintendo’s console.

If Capcom were to create a port of Street Fighter 6 for the Switch, the graphics and other visual effects would likely need to be considerably lowered for compatibility with the Switch’s handheld option.

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While this news is unfortunate for Nintendo players, you can still access the title on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, the Xbox Series consoles, and PC. We’ll update this article as soon as the Nintendo Switch version of Street Fighter 6 is revealed.


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