Fall Guys adds throwback to Super Mario 64 in season 3.5 update

This penguin doesn't give you a star, however.

Screengrab via Mediatonic

The next Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout update is on the way and Mediatonic teased today on Twitter something fans will be able to do in the future. Apparently, players will be able to carry around an adorable little penguin, but this also means, everyone can drop them off of the map.

Mediatonic referenced Super Mario 64 in their new teaser while announcing the developers added “Bert, Bort, and Bartin to few levels.” On the 1996 video game, players had to rescue a baby penguin and bring it to their mother to receive a star and follow through in the level.

After talking to the mother, however, you could carry the baby to the edge of the mountain and drop it to its doom, the mother would chase you but be left in shock after seeing its baby fall.

Mario is still able to get the star and continue his journey to battle Bowser and be the hero of the Mushroom Castle. But at what cost? Mediatonic hasn’t announced when the update will drop—pun intended—but it’s coming out “soon.”

Season three was released in Fall Guys on Dec. 15 with a winter theme. There were new levels, features, and introduced the infamous Ringus Dingus.

Mediatonic hasn’t given any details about what will be added and fixed with the 3.5 updates. The last one from the medieval-themed season, brought three new features, three new levels, and several improvements. So fans can expect something on the likes for the upcoming update.