How to get Throne World weapons in Destiny 2

Get acquainted with Fynch and Deepsight.

Image via Bungie

Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen expansion brought players to Savathûn’s Throne World, the latest destination in the franchise. Like every other location, the Throne World has its own set of gear, which drops from specific activities in the area and from some quests.

From the Forensic Nightmare Stasis submachine gun to the Red Herring rocket launcher, these drops come with new perks and rare combinations, making them good additions to your arsenal. Additionally, they’re craftable through the Enclave after getting enough drops, which lets you pick and choose the best perks and parts to tailor all weapons to your playstyle. Here’s how to get them.

How to get Throne World weapons in Destiny 2

Quests from Fynch and the Investigation Board

Fynch can be your go-to when it comes to getting specific weapon drops. The Hive Ghost will offer you quests that reward guaranteed drops for specific weapons, letting you target-farm some of the guns and thin out the loot pool. Unlocking these guns for the first time also means they have a chance of dropping from Fynch’s rank-up rewards since the vendor’s rank-up Engrams will only give you gear you have previously acquired.

The first quest you get is Trust Goes Both Ways and it will have a series of relatively simple objectives. Finishing it will grant you a guaranteed roll of Likely Suspect, the Throne World fusion rifle. The second, The Gift of Appreciation, drops a copy of Forensic Nightmare, a Stasis submachine gun that is bound to steal your Kinetic slot thanks to its perk selections. Both quests will require you to find regional chests, and we’ve covered all of their locations in our dedicated guide.

In addition to specific Fynch drops, players can also get random Throne World weapons from reports on the Investigation Board in the Enclave. These seem to be random, but they can award players with new weapons.

Deepsight puzzles

Deepsight puzzles are easily the best source of Throne World gear, though they require a higher rank with Fynch. Players can unlock the third and final Deepsight upgrade at rank 15, which opens up more riddles for them to solve—and a lot more gear for them to take.

Each tier-three Deepsight puzzle drops a Legendary Throne World piece. These seem to drop from pieces you’ve already obtained, but it’s a fantastic way to reroll your weapons, especially if you’re looking for guns with Deepsight Resonance. When The Witch Queen released, players could get an uncapped amount of drops and reputation from these. Now, though, Bungie has limited their functionality, but players can still hunt them down. Here’s what used to be the best farming route, courtesy of a user in the DestinyTheGame subreddit. Though you likely won’t get more than one drop in this route at once, the video will show you possible locations.

Fynch reputation

Each rank-up with Fynch grants you a Legendary you’ve already obtained, so this can be a good way to get more rolls of weapons you already have. At rank nine, you’ll get a Pointed Inquiry as well, which will open up drops of that weapon.

Altars of Reflection completions

With Altars of Reflection, players have a good chance of getting Throne World weapons upon every completion, especially in the first few times of the day. This should be a solid way to get a few weapons you might be missing.

Wellspring completions

Some Throne World weapons are locked behind The Witch Queen’s six-man activity, Wellspring. Each day, completing the activity has a chance at a specific drop. These weapons don’t normally drop from the Throne World and are exclusive to Wellspring, meaning you might have to replay their specific missions a few times over to get a drop—and even more if you want to unlock their Pattern.