All regional chests in Savathûn’s Throne World in Destiny 2

There are nine of them and they're not hard to find.

Image via Bungie

There’s plenty to do in Savathûn’s Throne World, from enjoying the sights around Florescent Canal to taking down Scorn in Miasma because Fynch asked you to do that (again). And like other destinations, Savathûn’s Throne World has plenty of regional chests scattered around. Unlike other destinations, though, Destiny 2 players are asked to find regional chests early into their adventures through two quests.

There’s a total of nine regional chests in the Throne World. A quest called Trust Goes Both Ways will ask players to find three chests, but a follow-up mission called The Gift of Appreciation will ask them to find the remaining six. The regional chests will be marked on the map with a symbol that looks like a cross with a dot in the middle, but they can still elude players. Here’s how to find them all.

All regional chests in Savathûn’s Throne World in Destiny 2

Chest one: Quagmire

Chest one: Quagmire

From the landing zone, take the left path until you spot a tower on your left and a tunnel straight ahead. Go through the tunnel and once you come out fully on the other side, turn around and look to your left to spot this regional chest on a ledge above you.

Chest two: Quagmire

Go back to the landing zone, then make a right and go to the edge of the area, keeping an eye on your map to spot where you should go. You’ll come upon a small white house close to a rocky wall that can be used as a ledge. Jump to the ledge, then to the rooftop. The regional chest will be to the right side of the rooftop, almost out of sight.

Chest three: Quagmire

From the first chest, look slightly to your left, toward the palace area. Head there and keep an eye out for a hidden path below.

Chest four: Florescent Canal

Head from Quagmire into Florescent Canal and go straight until you climb the first set of steps.

Chest five: Florescent Canal

Using your map as a guide, go toward the entrance to the Court of Thorns and walk until you reach the bridge. Look to your left and you’ll find a ledge below, where this regional chest will be. To get out, jump to the ledge straight ahead. If you look to the second tower on the right before jumping, you’ll already see the next chest to grab.

Chest six: Florescent Canal

Go back from the ledge and return to the bridge, then look to your right to see this regional chest atop a tower. You might have to stand on the chest and tiptoe to the edge to grab it.

Chest seven: Miasma

Go back to Quagmire and head into Miasma. Keeping an eye on your map, go around the regional chest’s map marker and look for the entrance to a small cave. Inside, you’ll find this chest.

Chest eight: Miasma

Hug the right side and follow the map until you find a derelict Hive tower. The chest will be on the upper ledge on the left side—and getting there isn’t too hard. Just jump from ledge to ledge, starting from the rocky ledge at the bottom, until you reach it. A Deepsight spot may spawn near it, showing you exactly where to go.

Chest nine: Miasma

For the last one on our list, go to the northeastern part of Miasma, where you’ll see a small entrance on the map. This is a cave, and inside it, there’s the final chest you need.