How to find regional chests and complete the Trust Goes Both Ways quest in Destiny 2

Some of them are sneakier than they seem.

Image via Bungie

Fynch, the vendor for Savathûn’s Throne World, has a series of tasks for you throughout your journey in Destiny 2. As part of the Trust Goes Both Ways quest, Fynch will ask that you go hunting regional chests. These resources can be elusive, however, even if they’re marked on your map.

Regional chests are indicated by a distinctive icon on your map that looks like a cross with a dot in the middle, and the chests also bear the symbol on them. That, plus their unmissable bright yellow color, will help you spot them even in obscure nooks and crannies of the Throne World.

Screengrab via Bungie

Advancing the quest requires players to find three regional chests out of the nine in the Throne World. We’ve picked the easiest three to find so you can get to the next step quickly. Here’s where you need to go. If you’re after all nine, though, we’ve broken down all the locations for Throne World regional chest locations in our dedicated guide.

How to find regional chests for Trust Goes Both Ways in Destiny 2

Chest one: Quagmire

Our first choice will be right outside Quagmire, near the only landing zone in the Throne World. Spawn in and turn left, then go straight until you find a white tower to the left and a tunnel almost straight ahead of you. Take the tunnel and follow the way out until you come out on the other side. Turn back and you’ll spot the first regional chest on a ledge above you.

From here, follow your map to get to Miasma, where the next two chests are located. You can also respawn at Quagmire and follow the left path, then make a left near the tower and follow the road to the right until you get there.

Chest two: Miasma

From the entrance to Miasma, make a right and search for the indicator on your map. You’ll end up near a derelict Hive ruin. Head inside and make a note of the topmost ledge on your left, which is where the regional chest is located.

To reach it, jump on the nearby ledges until you can make it. The first step should be on a grassy patch close to the ground. Look back and you’ll spot another ledge, which you can use to keep climbing.

Chest three: Miasma

The last chest is also in Miasma. Follow the map to its northeastern edge, where you’ll see a slight path in the map. It represents the entrance to a cave, and inside it, you’ll find another region chest for your collection.