How to get the Gumshoe title in Destiny 2

Become the galaxy's greatest detective.

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Savathûn’s Throne World is shrouded in mystery in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, so it’s up to you to play detective and uncover the truth.

Even once the campaign ends, there’s more mysteries to unravel inside of the Throne World. The Witch Queen’s detective theme is no more apparent than in its accompanying title, “Gumshoe.”

Get ready to get down and dirty in the Throne World to unlock the Gumshoe’s titles requirements, including finding some collectibles, killing tough enemies, and playing one of the game’s awesome campaign missions on Master difficulty.

Here’s how to unlock Gumshoe for your Guardian.

How to get the Gumshoe title in Destiny 2

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Throne World Collector

Trophies from the Throne World

Earn all of the required items from the Throne World, found under the Badges in the Collections tab for The Witch Queen, seen below.

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Master of Truth

Complete any campaign mission on Master difficulty.

Replay The Witch Queen’s campaign levels on Master difficulty. One mission is required.

Buddy Up

Claim all rank rewards from Fynch.

Rank up to level 30 with Fynch and claim all of his eligible rewards.

Hardware of the Throne

Craft all Wellspring and Throne World weapons.

Unlock the Patterns for every Wellspring and Throne World weapon, found via completing Deepsight Resonance versions of the guns (randomly dropped guns with a red border), and then craft them in the Enclave.


Complete “Report: REVERSE-LURE.”

Finish every Report found at the Investigation Board at the Enclave on Mars.

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Of Queens and Worms

Complete the exotic quest “Of Queens and Worms.”

Finish the Exotic quest “Of Queens and Worms,” given upon completion of The Witch Queen’s campaign.


Collect and mount all unique Lucent Moths in the Throne World.

Use our guide to find all Lucent Moths in the Throne World.

No Peeking

Close all Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.

Use our guide to find all Darkness Rifts in the Throne World.

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World Champions

Defeat Champions in Throne World Lost Sectors on any difficulty.

Check each day to see when Lost Sectors in the Throne World are eligible for Legendary or Master difficulty and kill Champion enemies within them.