The World Championships: Day 1 Recap

A recap of today's The World Championships action.

The World Championships kicked off today with some thrilling international Counter-Strike: Global Offensive action taking place in Belgrade. In a surprisingly dominant fashion, Sweden, Turkey and Canada all kicked off the event going 3-0. Their strong starts have positioned them very well to go into the quarterfinals. In a disappointing display though, France, with FaZe player kioShiMa, started 1-3 with losses coming to Denmark, Sweden and Turkey.

With day two play starting tomorrow, France needs to come back strong against weaker competition, while the top teams will look to secure their seeds in the quarterfinals. Full results from today’s competition are below.  

Sweden 1-0 Denmark

Singapore 1-0 Argentina

Argentina 1-0 Tunisia

Sweden 1-0 Singapore

Turkey 1-0 France

Singapore 1-0 Tunisia

Turkey 1-0 Denmark

Canada 1-0 Tunisia

Denmark 1-0 France

Canada 1-0 Singapore

Sweden 1-0 France

Turkey 1-0 Tunisia

Canada 1-0 Argentina

France 1-0 Singapore

Who do you think will come out ahead at day two of The World Championships? Let us know down below or on our Twitter @GAMURScom.