9 December 2017 - 21:01

SK Gaming decimate Misfits in EPL Season 6 semifinals

The North American squad only won seven rounds throughout the entire series.
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The second team to secure their spot in the ESL Pro League season six grand finals did so without breaking a sweat.

Brazilian tournament favorites SK Gaming dispatched of North American dark horses Misfits in two of the tournament's most one-sided games. While Misfits' prior performances at the event were certainly impressive in comparison to their previous LAN tournaments, SK undoubtedly proved that the team has a lot more work ahead of them.

One of Misfits best areas, however, turned out to be the team's pistol rounds, as they won both on the opening map Cobblestone. But despite Misfits early lead on the map, the North American roster looked a lot less convincing as soon as SK saved up enough money to buy a full set of weapons. In fact, SK were so dominant that Misfits only won a single gun round on Cobblestone—which should showcase the difference between the two rosters in terms of skill.

Cobblestone ultimately ended up finishing 16-7 in favor of the Brazilians, with surprise star Epitácio "TACO" de Melo coming out on top of the scoreboard with 25 kills and only 10 deaths.

Overpass was the final game of the series, and in case SK's dominance on Cobblestone hadn't been enough, Overpass would prove to be far worse for Misfits. SK proceeded to win eight rounds in a row in the opening half, completely shutting down the defense of Misfits time and time again. In fact, the only respite Misfits earned in the deciding game came off the back of an astounding shot from AWPer Shahzeb "ShahZaM" Kahn, who took down two SK players with a single shot.

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ShahZaM was unable to conjure up any similar performances for the rest of Overpass, however, as SK continued to thrash the surprise semifinalists. Fortunately for Misfits, the match was over quickly, as SK won the final game of the series 16-1.

This means SK will face FaZe Clan in the ESL Pro League season six grand finals tomorrow (Dec. 10) at 9am CT.

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