Peacemaker says he’s allowed to coach in CS:GO again after being cleared from coach spectating bug accusation

The Esports Integrity Commission accepted the arguments provided by peacemaker's defense.

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Brazilian CS:GO coach Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu of Imperial is no longer suspended by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) for abusing the free roam version of the coach spectator bug. The 34-year-old has successfully appealed the ban and is now free to continue his career normally.

Peacemaker was one of three coaches banned ahead of the PGL Antwerp Major earlier this month for allegedly abusing new versions of the infamous coach spectator bug that had ESIC suspend 37 coaches back in 2020. The suspension caused peacemaker, Sergey “hally” Shavayev (Team Spirit), and Rafael “zakk” Fernandes (9z) to miss the first Valve-sponsored event of the year.

ESIC is expected to announce soon that peacemaker’s ban has been lifted, according to the Brazilian. The coach issued his statement after he was informed by his attorney Luiz Felipe Maia that the appeal was successful.

“First and foremost, I wanna say that I hold no grudges or anything against ESIC and Mr. Ian [ESIC’s commissioner],” peacemaker said. “In fact, I know the importance they have for esports and that they had no bad intentions with my case at all, so I wanna publicly offer my support and expertise to them in the future if they ever need me for anything else.”

The Brazilian coach thanked a handful of people, including his former Heroic teammates Patrick “es3tag” Hansen and Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer, for helping “tremendously” during the case. Peacemaker also gave a shoutout to CS:GO YouTuber and analyst Danny “mahone” Hsieh, who analyzed peacemaker’s round where he ran into the free roam version of the coach spectator bug and helped the defense.

“I hope to be back competing as soon as possible and that I am able to give you guys a lot of reasons to smile in the near future,” peacemaker said.

Peacemaker is one of few coaches, including those banned in 2020, who managed to revert a suspension given by ESIC. Ukrainian coach Serhii “lmbt” Bezhanov also appealed successfully after proving that he wasn’t even watching the stream when the bug occurred for him.


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