G2 get sweet revenge over Vitality to claim last BLAST Premier Fall Finals slot

ZyWoo made G2's new lineup sweat for it though.

Image via PGL

The last Counter-Strike match in the Blast Premier Falls Groups 2022 finished with the new-and-improved G2 Esports taking down Team Vitality in a tight 2-1 clash.

NiKo’s squad lost to Vitality earlier in the BLAST-run CS:GO tourney, but has now given Vitality a taste of its own medicine in a three-map bout. And, in a reversal of fortunes for both squads, NiKo was able to push his team over the line.

Image via PGL

The first map, Vertigo, saw G2 come out on top in a nail-biting 16–14 finish, despite ZyWoo’s heroics. The French superstar ZyWoo pulled off a clean 1-vs-2 clutch (post-plant) against G2’s B-site attack, racking up kills to buff his already impressive K/D ratio and putting him atop the leaderboard for the map.

The series offered up another close 13–16 game right after too, this time in favor of Vitality. G2’s new Aussie rifler Justin “jks” Savage came out swinging in the last match, picking up his game to slam the door on a comeback from Dan “apEX” Madesclaire and the VIT roster. 

G2 now progresses to the Blast Premier Fall Final 2022 to battle it out against a host of Counter-Strike heavy hitters like Natus Vincere (NAVI), FaZe Clan and the up-and-coming, dangerous international squad OG.

The winner of the Fall Final received a $200,000 prize, including a qualification to Blast Premier World Final 2022, which is inked in for December this year.

G2 recently bolstered their roster with site-anchor Justin “jks” Savage and in-game-leader Ramus ‘HooXi’ Nielsen, but the CS:GO squad hasn’t impressed since their debuts  just two weeks ago. 

That has changed now—scalps don’t get much bigger than ZyWoo and Vitality.

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