FaZe Clan take PGL Antwerp Major after thrilling grand finals against NAVI

FaZe has finally banished the demons from the ELEAGUE Boston Major 2018 loss to Cloud9.

Karrigan, Twistzz, ropz, rain, and broky have given FaZe Clan its first CS:GO Major title today at PGL Antwerp Major following a 2-0 victory against Natus Vincere. The starred quintet has also become the first international team to win a Valve-sponsored event in CS:GO.

This is a memorable win, especially for karrigan and rain, who were part of the FaZe lineup that blew a 15-9 lead on Inferno at ELEAGUE Boston Major grand finals in 2018 and lost the title to heavy underdogs Cloud9. In today’s series against NAVI, there were some moments where FaZe choked, but they kept their cool and did not crumble.

FaZe were brilliant in a huge bulk of Inferno and were 12-5 ahead at one point, but NAVI did not give them an easy win. The Russian-Ukrainian powerhouse tied the game off the back of an impressive T side andwere two map points away from taking Inferno. It was symbolic that karrigan was the one who saved FaZe from losing on the map. The Danish in-game leader got three kills in a two-vs-four situation in the A bombsite on round 29, and that fueled FaZe to take the game to overtime and win the first map of the grand finals by 19-16.

The next map was Nuke, which NAVI picked. They had a slow start on their T side, though, and were constantly shut down at the hands of rain, who took control of the Yard area on his own. FaZe won the second pistol and even though NAVI stole the anti-eco round, they did not have the strats to overcome FaZe’s CT side. Karrigan got down on his knees right after FaZe won by 16-10, celebrating the first Major title of his long career as a Counter-Strike player.

The heavy hitters for FaZe during the grand finals were broky (53-37 K/D) and rain (52-40 K/D). The latter was brilliant throughout the whole campaign and was named the MVP of the tournament by HLTV.

FaZe dethroned NAVI as the number one CS:GO team in the world earlier this year following the IEM Katowice and ESL Pro League season 15 titles. This victory at PGL Antwerp Major is the cherry on top and could be the start of a new era in CS:GO esports.


Leonardo Biazzi
Staff writer and CS:GO lead. Leonardo has been passionate about games since he was a kid and graduated in Journalism in 2018. Before Leonardo joined Dot Esports in 2019, he worked for Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte. Leonardo also worked for HLTV.org between 2020 and 2021 as a senior writer, until he returned to Dot Esports and became part of the staff team.

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