Counter-Strike 2 players are being kicked out of the beta as full release looms

Is this good news?

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The Counter-Strike world waited with bated breath for their chance to access the CS2 beta, but now players who’ve had an opportunity to test it are being plucked from servers.

Fans dwelling in lengthy queues need to sit no longer, with Valve beginning to cut down the CS2 player base while the full release looms on the horizon. Players have reportedly been met with a message that reads: “Cannot begin matchmaking because your client is running Counter-Strike beta,” before asking them to opt out of the beta entirely.

The wave of revoked access across CS2 was flagged by one unlucky gamer on May 2, who shared that they had been pulled from the testing realm. In the same Reddit thread, others confirmed they too had suffered a similar fate.

Valve typically keeps their lips sealed, but this could mean CS2 is closer than we thought. CS2’s plotted “Summer 2023” release is drawing closer, and now that players are losing access, the devs could be tinkering away with the last patches before it goes live.

However, it’s not like many CS2 players were tapping heads on Dust 2 anyway.

The last few weeks have seen astronomical queue times, with players waiting hours before getting onto a server, prompting several Reddit threads about the issue. Gamers were waiting more than 40 minutes to get into a server before this week.

On the gameplay side of things, players ran into a horde of different bugs, including some noteworthy glitches that broke servers entirely, dropped players into buggy realms, deleted guns and even the bomb, and generally just plagued the title. However, these will likely all be patched up by the time CS2 gets its full release.

Valve’s website hasn’t been updated with anything since CS:GO’s recent Anubis skin pack release, so we’ll have to keep our eyes open for any more changes.

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