How to aim better in Call of Duty: Warzone

Don't skip the aim training day.

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Though there is always the next round to make up for misplays in tactical-shooters, the odds of getting a second chance in battle royales are close to none. Warzone’s gulag and revival system do a great job of keeping the players engaged in a match even after they die, but you will still need a precise aim to have a chance at a Warzone Victory.

Joining back-to-back Warzone matches may not be beneficial for practicing your aim since you’ll have to go through the looting process every game. While some may argue that practicing your aim anywhere may not be beneficial for Warzone due to the difference in setups, aiming is essentially your ability to track enemies with your mouse, and it is a universal skill that you carry onto any shooter game.

In this article, we will showcase some of the best ways to train your aim and get one step closer to a Warzone Victory.

Set up the stage

Before hopping into the game, you should optimize your mouse settings. Both Windows sensitivity settings and your mouse’s DPI fall into this category.

Adjust Windows Sensitivity settings

Click on your Start button and type in “Mouse.” Locate your Additional Mouse Settings and open Pointer Options. Once inside, turn off “Enhance pointer precision” and pick either the fifth or sixth sensitivity level for your pointer.

Any sensitivity option above the sixth tier can cause occasional frame skips, which can make you miss a crucial shot.

Tinker around with your mouse’s DPI settings

If you’re looking to play competitively, then having a decent gaming mouse is almost a must-have. All gaming mice come with software that allows players to create macros, control their lights, and adjust dots-per-inch (DPI) settings. 

DPI values transition into how sensitive your mouse is. Experiment with different values and see what works for you, if you prefer a higher DPI for your daily usage, you’ll have to work your way through Warzone’s settings. No matter your DPI preference, we strongly recommend setting your mouse’s polling rate to 1000Hz since it ensures you have the least possible response time.

Though we used Logitech’s Gaming Software to showcase the process, almost all gaming mice manufacturers adopt a similar software architecture. If you can’t locate your DPI settings, you can simply perform a Google search for a guide with your mouse’s full name.

Test out in-game sensitivity settings

Most professional Call of Duty players prefer keeping their sensitivity levels at lower volumes to make it easier to track enemies in gunfights. While playing with high sensitivity will feel more natural, tables can turn against you and start trying to land consecutive shots.

Check out some of the veteran players‘ to have an idea of what works for them. You’ll need to move your arm or hand more to make up for your lower sensitivity, which will require extra desk space and a large mousepad.

Take advantage of your controller

One thing controlled users have that mouse and keyboard players don’t is the aim assist setting. Aim assist makes aiming on a controller more bearable and also can become a deadly weapon when used right. There are three different aim assist settings you can choose. The only difference between them is when they start kicking in and how strong they are in terms of lowering your sensitivity.

Experiment with all of them and find the one that suits your game style. Getting to know your aim assist setting will allow you to perform better since you’ll know your aim’s ins and outs.

Which modes are the best to practice your aim in Call of Duty: Warzone?

Multiplayer game modes

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Your final training is bound to happen in a Warzone match, but you’ll have to go through substantial training before getting there.

If you don’t own Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you may start considering investing in it since the Multiplayer mode is one of the best ways to practice your aim. Any Multiplayer game mode is going to be faster than joining a new Warzone game, and you’ll be playing against real opponents, which makes the training even more valuable.

We recommend joining a Team Deathmatch (TDM) server to get the most of your time since you’ll instantly respawn after getting killed in a TDM match.

Play against bots or do the campaign

Practicing in offline modes is a great idea to step back from the competitiveness of Call of Duty.

You can either set up a practice lobby to play versus bots or play through the campaign. Though practice lobbies will be more efficient in terms of time, you’ll enjoy the game’s story while practicing your aim during the campaign.

General tips to improve your aim

The above techniques and adjustments are musts to train your aim to a satisfying level. They might lose their effectiveness if you aren’t familiar with what to focus on to make your shots more deadly.

Here are a few habits you should pick up to make every bullet count.

Always aim for the head

Image via Activision

It’s a lot harder than it sounds, but trying to aim towards the head will always increase your chances of winning a skirmish.

You don’t have to try that hard to get a headshot either, just aim for the upper chest area of your enemies and let the recoil do its magic. It won’t matter how good you’re at controlling recoil, a rogue bullet will most likely find its way to your enemy’s skull.

Embrace hip firing

Aiming Down Sight (ADS) is the most reliable way of getting shots in from medium to long-range distances. Turning ADS firing into a habit can also come back to haunt you in close-quarter fights.

If you’re only a couple of steps far from your target, ADSing will make it harder to track his movements, and you’ll also waste a couple of milliseconds while pressing your ADS hotkey.

Hop into the Multiplayer mode and concentrate on hip firing. Performing this drill will get you used to the distances you can hip fire, and you’ll be ready the next time someone’s camping in a house you’re looting.

Use your movement keys to strafe while shooting

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Not only does strafing makes it harder for your enemy to hit you, but you can also strafe to keep track of your enemy’s movements. Don’t rely on this for tracking, however, since turning this into a habit can degrade your aiming. 

If you tend to get into more long-range fights than close, turn crouching and proning into a habit. Doing so stabilizes your shots, and you’ll also become a smaller target for your enemy. The same methodology applies to mounting your weapon when you’re behind cover, just make sure that no one can approach you from behind or aren’t exposed to any other threat from your back.

Get to know all the guns

Each gun features different characteristics that make them unique. It’s vital that you practice with all kinds of weaponry Call of Duty has to offer since it’s almost impossible to know which weapon Warzone will throw your way.

Getting eliminated from a match just because you picked up a gun you’re familiar with is a lousy way to go, and only practice can expand your arsenal.

Though most guns are locked behind player levels, you can always reach the maximum level to unlock all the weapons in a Double XP weekend.

Hold choke points and anticipate enemy movement

Image via Activision

If you’re inside a safehouse or anywhere similar, there will be specific points of entry. All the windows and doors can be used to rush inside. Placing yourself in an angle that covers the heft chunk of these entrance points can allow you to have the upper hand when someone decides to barge in.

Finding yourself in the position of the player that tries to get in is also a possible scenario. Since your enemy will be ready to shoot you down as soon as you walk into the building, your best chance is to try finding an angle by moving. Don’t peek twice from the same window or door and keep the fight moving. This will force the defending player to retreat his/her safe position and possibly give you an opening.

Honorable mention: practice your aim on the go

Call of Duty: Warzone is a massive game in terms of the disk space it needs. It also requires a powerful PC. If you travel a lot and would like to spend your spare time to improve your aim, there are many websites available that allow you to train your aim on a browser. and 3D aim trainer are just the tip of the iceberg. Websites like these display targets on different parts of your screen, which you need to click on as soon as you can. It can be considered the purest form of aiming, and improving your ability to track target marks can easily transition into Warzone.